110 ways to restyling a facade - the Martini Vertoiba Block case study




2022- in progress

residential retrofit

design development

On the north side of the road overlooking Martini square is the Martini-Vertoiba block, consisting of eleven buildings with 9 floors, all in line with the same pattern on its façade, arranged in an alternating and parallel manner, with slight color variations that lack harmony as a whole. The need to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings and their output means intervening on all the facades of the block, seeking a new harmony, and breaking the monotony of the identical and repetitive buildings  which, superficially, looked solely to variations in color to differentiate them.
Four interventions seemed necessary to develop the project proposal and render the existing facades dynamic and unique, thus reducing the impression of 11 monotonous, continuously ponderous buildings.

1.   Do uniform work on the material configuration of the base as a unifying element of all buildings with the open space of the condominium gardens, giving  it all  rich, broad, and continuous support thanks to the arrangement of the buildings, which are the essential asset of the entire lot.

2.   Redesign the buildings working on the classic logic of the tripartite system of the façade: Base-Floor-Attic; to do this we insist on horizontal lines on the sill courses, and introducing on the last 2-3 floors a fresh rhythm of vertical joints to frame the windows and reconfigure a new dynamic and different look to the attics.

3.   Differentiate the color tone between lighter on lower floors and darker shades in attics. The variation of colors within the same facade makes it less heavy and looming, while line variations in the sill courses contribute to this play of light and dark.

4.   Emphasize movement on the façade with light-dark tones to accent and render dynamism to the access areas and balconies. 

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