Redevelopment of the botanical park “The Trees of the World”


Les Arbres du Monde au Huelgoat 



under construction

Created in the 1990s, the botanical park “The Trees of the World Huelgoat” puts together more than 3000 plant species on 19 ha, divided by geographical areas or botanical families within the original bocage structure.

It is now seeking to reimagine itself in a new economic context. The redevelopment project provides:
•   diversification of the park’s uses, in particular by setting up a ‘memory garden’ to generate a new source of income capable of sustaining park maintenance over the long term.
•   clarification of the pathways and development of its remarkable areas: reception, panorama, wetland, new South African meadow, new kitchen garden....
•   the creation of a course entitled ‘Around the world in 40 trees’ to discover the botanical wealth of the park in a fun way for visitors of all ages.
•   a differentiated management plan allowing more intense maintenance in the garden areas where perennials, shrubs and trees are planted, as well as more extensive maintenance by landscaping grassy meadows.

This landscaping project is complemented by a project of collective organization through the creation of a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest that mandates energies, means and skills on a level more encompassing than only the park.

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